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It was a great suprise for us! Getting more and more mainstream. Nomi Prins is the only real whistleblower from the bank-fraud crime spree and coverup. Her book is out. And if you feel your rights have been violated by an NYPD officer, file a complaint here: If you think coindesk should let magicalcrypto use the mainstage at Consensus for our live show, give this a retweet!

What Monero news bot moneroalert twitter Could Look Like https: An Amiga from the 80s programmed by a student has run the heating and cooling of 19 schools for the last thirty years.

He lives nearby and still supports it https: It set Apple on a monero news bot moneroalert twitter course and forever changed the way people look at computers. Interesting article from gotenna about the advantage of radio range over bandwidth wrt zero-start problem and mesh connectivity.

Relevant for other radio projects? Great read from Vlad on the ways that Blockchains can go horribly wrong https: So the teams keep building all this tech Spaceflight "puts lives at risk. I've owned the domain https: Beware of crypto "thought leaders": There's immense perverse incentive to declare that the emperor Bitcoin has no clothes and simultaneously identify "the next big thing" There's huge market demand here: People want to believe someone will show them "the next Bitcoin".

If you monero news bot moneroalert twitter your monero news bot moneroalert twitter coin, you'd spend your energy on which of the following technical issues: Sounds good to me!

Now that Google is disabling monero news bot moneroalert twitter fronting it's a good time for tools to start thinking about new infrastructures for circumvention. Freedom of expression online is at stake. That this can slide without any opposition from US policy-makers is the epitaph on the US internet freedom agenda's grave. Stand for human rights by ensuring Telegram's access to their platforms and allowing them to change IP addresses without limit.

Unable to load Tweets. Bitcoin is the chain originating from the genesis block with the highest accumulated proof of work. The Bitcoin Cash fork failed to gain majority, thus it is not Bitcoin.

I love that 16yo's are playing with blockchain. The future, in many interpretations. London-based crypto wallet provider star blockchain opens San Francisco office following acquisition https: We're looking for Director of Member Experience. Accepting crypto at a gala is the new thing in Silicon Valley - when will NY catch up? The evil corporation myth certainely runs deep, I wonder if there are any counter examples to his point about Hollywood movies.

I just donated Bitcoin to this street artist PBoy - https: The foundation of a successful culture and organization is rigor of thought.

It is work, but monero news bot moneroalert twitter also a blast. Amazing work coming out monero news bot moneroalert twitter Chain's cryptography team. Our Bulletproofs implementation monero news bot moneroalert twitter verify a bit range proof in only 1. Can ya dig those wavelengths? Maybe this isn't a thing.

But seeing how I'm not one to walk the lines of what others do Cryptocurrencies that were top in AND So many opportunities for collaboration with RadicalMarkets and radical mechanism design. Looking forward to much more!

I don't think Bitcoin should have a core. Rudeness, insults, and censorship are not actual arguments against Bitcoin Cash. Retweet monero news bot moneroalert twitter Twitter Tuur Demeester Retweeted. Retweet on Twitter Andreas M. MayTheFourth Amendment protect you from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Unsurprising Feinstein is one of Obama's earliest endorsements. Retweet on Twitter Adam Back Retweeted. The Future of Bitcoin: Retweet on Twitter Mad Bitcoins Retweeted. Do you have a cage-free job? Retweet on Twitter Jeff Garzik Retweeted. This goes for almost any on-prem legacy software, BTW. Retweet on Twitter Erik Voorhees Retweeted. New type of display seen in Hong Kong.

Retweet on Twitter Gavin Andresen Retweeted. If you had your own coin, you'd spend your energy on which of the following technical issues:. Retweet on Twitter Edward Snowden Retweeted. Google is killing an absolutely critical protection for people in places like Iran, China, and Russia trying to reach uncensored news and chat.

Unable to load Tweets Follow. Retweet on Twitter MrBitcoin Retweeted. Government constantly restricts our freedom and until people start realizing that we will never be truly free LiveFree Libertarian. Retweet on Twitter Nicolas Cary Retweeted.

We saved a spot for you! Retweet on Twitter Fred Ehrsam Retweeted. Retweet on Twitter Brian Armstrong Retweeted. Retweet on Twitter Manuel Araoz Retweeted. That is a privileged life, but hardly some impossible billionaire lifestyle.

Retweet on Twitter Taylor Gerring Retweeted. In addition to having a bone to pick with Vitalik, it leaves me a little cautious when it comes to his projects. When Ethereum stops being weird, it's time to move on to new things. Are you an artist? Retweet on Twitter Adam Ludwin Retweeted.

Retweet monero news bot moneroalert twitter Twitter Crypto Hobbit Retweeted. Self-owning corporations are legally possible - DAO is real! Absence of proof is not proof of absence.